Sunday, June 1, 2014

It isn't just the boys

How to get someone to respond to your email.

 It isn't just the boys that need to learn the lesson, it is the girls, too.  Case in point, shortcuite28304 (I am guessing that 28304 is her zip code and a quick Google search proves me correct) sent me this.

OK, I posted the picture.  I know what is in the picture.  I don't need someone to point it out in the first email.  It is just as bad as the men sending an email that just says "hi" or "nice boobs".  Send me something clever that can be built on!  Something that piques my interest that makes me hit "reply"!

Like this, sent later today.

Well done.  She got a reply!  Miss Shorty from Fayetteville above did not.

Also, take a look at the match rates above.  Miss Shorty is a mere 54% while Miss Frisco is 80%.  Just looking at her profile pictures and you can see why Miss Shorty is such a low match - she is sporting classic southern rebel flag tattoos - she may be open minded enough to like girls, but those girls had better be southern, white, and racist, too.  I guess she didn't bother reading my profile - another one who couldn't get past my boobs.  Another one who succumbed to the premature ejaculation of online dating.  Wow.  I never thought I would be able to say that about a girl.  Bucket List!!!!!!

And then this #datingloser messaged me while typing this so I had to round out this post with a typical dating loser boy who just doesn't know how to talk to girls.  This is what NOT to say if you want a reply, readers.