Monday, May 26, 2014

Naming Calling

OK, Loser,  just because I don't respond to your message you think that calling me a name is going to make me click "reply".  No, it is going to make me do a screen capture so I can share this with the internet, you #datingloser.

You might know the uses of to, too, and two.....

But the rest of your grammar is killing me.

It took me a few days to even write this post as this guy is such a dating loser. The fact that this is the first message I saw from him really confused me. The fact that it was loaded with punctuation and capitalization errors just made my blood boil. So then I read his first message and got really confused by his picture. It only showed half of his face and his yellow shirt was very unbecoming. So I check out his profile.

Readers, you are not going to believe this, but he has two pictures on his profile. Both are showing half his face.

This can only lead me to believe one thing - he does not have the top half of his head.

So I read his profile.  It seems to me that he is one of those "men" (quotes as I have to use the term loosely) that insists he knows how to be with a woman.  He mentions "pleasure" 5 times in his very short profile.  I remember dating a guy once who swore he was a "pleasure-pleasure type of guy and not a pleasure-pain type of guy". I had to remind him that what he was doing to me was not pleasureful as I always had to find means to pleasure myself once he was done "pleasuring" me.
The profile is very boring.  The only other thing that is worth mentioning about his profile is that he is looking for females aged 19-76.  Desperation is a horrible thing.

Are  you looking for a man with half a face that really knows how to pleasure a woman?  Contact this #datingloser today!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


While very flattered and even touched do I dare reply back with a yes? Do I reply back with questions about the female? Hell, a night out, possible new friends, and I could even go home by myself afterwards if I wanted to?