Wednesday, January 8, 2014

SquareLevel or just SQUARE?

Got this message the other night on OKC, so I go to check out his profile.  Didn't see anything that caught my eye, other than him saying that he adapts to his partner - all the time.  So I don't respond.  A few minutes later I got this message:
Just because I didn't respond to his message after viewing his profile, he immediately "adapts", changes his profile, and messages me again, hoping to get a response.  


What ever happened to being yourself, and embracing the differences in those you hang out with?  Is the real you so bad that you feel the need to change your personality with every person you meet?  You are not the type of person for me.


  1. oh lawd.

    I knew someone kind of like that. So much that when i stumbled onto his profile he was suddenly reading everything by the author I'd been working through when I knew him. This author was so far off this guy's scale it'd be like me reading a self-help book.

    I dont want to date someone just like me. If I did, I'd date me. It would be cheaper, there'd be less arguing, and when I wanted sex, I wouldnt have to leave home to get it.