Monday, March 31, 2014

Scamming losers on OKC

" Long story short I am honest simple loving kind hearted person if this is what you are looking for than definitely we can talk and go from there." 
Long story, eh? Your whole story, thus far, is that you are honest, kind-hearted,  and like music, food and movies. Oh, wow!  I am weak in the knees for you!  

Oh, and you have an amazing use of commas!

"Do you like bowling?"
Really?? Did you NOT read my profile? Do you NOT see the bowling balls in the profile picture?

I feel like I just got a form letter on a dating site.  This is a common thing, mind you, only I fear if I reply to this one he is going to ask for my bank account number.

Geesh!!!!! #datingloser

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