Monday, December 16, 2013

He is "a intelligent guy"

Bigsarge77 says:
Well I figure you are probably going to totally shoot me down and that is fine with me. I had take a shot in the dark because you are so darn gorgeous. I am a military guy in town for a few days and was wondering if you like to have some casual-adult fun. I am not trying to seem shallow or narrow minded, however, I travel all the time so I don't have the luxury of the dating scene. Also, I am a fairly witty and a intelligent guy - I even check my spelling and grammar before I send something. Figured you would like that bit of humor. Yes I did read your profile. Anyway, you seem like a lot of fun and I would like to be with ya and have some good times. There, simply put.... Like I said if this isn't your thing.....totally respect that. Hope to hear from ya.
Great  job spell checking there, guy.  I did like that bit of humor, bigsarge77, because you had an error right before you said that, and it only got worse after that.

Thanks for playing #datingloser.  You lose.

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